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Who are we ?

A family full of dreams

We are a small family with lots of dreams! The Kozi Dôme project appeared as evidence of the alliance of our passions and our skills. Our personal and professional experiences in the hotel, hospitality and in-house catering industries were necessary for the launch of this project.

Alex also developed the art of woodworking and the research of aesthetics with a concern for artistic finishes. Orianne was able to give free rein to her creativity and her imagination to give birth to a decoration in perfect harmony with the desired atmosphere. 

Our children, Rafael and Hugo, helped in their own way throughout this project: they learned to use the tools and they gave ideas for furniture creation, they are both the first ambassadors of this wonderful adventure

Our objective

We really wanted to live in harmony with nature and share our passion for its beauty with you. In all our projects, we are looking for ethical sense and consistency. We want to create an exceptional place where human, nature, respec and responsible tourism are at the heart of our concerns.

A place of reconnection

Our unusual accommodations in Dordogne are an invitation to reconnect with nature and people. Throughout your stay, your privacy will be preserved, but if you wish, you will be able to interact with your hosts and share their passion for Perigord nature. Have privileged encounters on a human scale with Kozi Dôme.

Family first

Since the start of the project, we have built everything ourselves, as a family. Kozi Dôme is the culmination of the alliance of our strengthsand our dreams. We are all very happy to finally be able to welcome you to this atypical, chic and cocooning decor, designed for your most beautiful nights for two

Our plans for the future

For more than three years now, we have opened the doors of Kozi Dôme to you and we wish to continue to do so in the best conditions. We want to continue to offer you great services, in an environment that respects the fauna and flora. Your rejuvenation and serenity will remain our priorities. Stay tuned to find out about our next adventures!